Traveling While Pregnant/Mammoth Wedding

This past weekend we had the pleasure of heading to Mammoth Mountain to celebrate the wedding of a dear friend of mine. It was absolutely stunning and I felt honored to be there. It was a perfect day to celebrate the love of two wonderful people. The views were amazing!

I was a bit nervous about the idea of a plane ride and then a six hour drive while 24 weeks pregnant. Combine that with the elevation and I had a fair amount of apprehension. Below I have linked a few things that really helped with traveling while pregnant as well as some pictures from the wedding! 1. Compression Socks: Now they might not be the most stylish thing to wear but they were easy to slide on for the plane ride and the long car ride. Compression socks help prevent blood clots and reduce elevated heart rate for both mom and baby. I purchased these compression socks off Amazon and they were great. 2. Stainless Steel Water Bottle: I cannot stress enough hope important it is to stay hydrated while pregnant. I am also constantly thirsty right now which helps. I bought this 20oz Air Transfer Stainless Steel Water Bottle on sale at Target! It does a great job keeping water cold as well as fitting easily in a purse or bag.3. Pregnancy Pillow: My husband bought me this pregnancy pillow as a surprise and it has been ideal for traveling. It folds up so neatly and compact. It was perfect for the plane and long car ride for extra support. It also helped to have when sleeping in an unfamiliar bed for the weekend. 4. Comfortable Shoes: I am not the tennis shoe, sneaker, athletic shoe kind of person unless I am actively working out. However, my flats and heels are not currently giving me the best support to be carrying around this babe. I bought these Adidas during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and really love them. They are light weight and cute! 5. Maternity tank: I have been loving the maternity tank tops from ASOS. The two I bought are also currently on sale for $5 and $6.50! They are great for travel comfort and the length makes them really versatile and convenient. Hope this helps you get start on some pregnancy travel essentials!

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